Step 1

Apply Reusable Bald Cap™

First place the bald cap on your head and apply the glue/adhesive to your hairline perimeter.

Attach the faux-skin material when the glue/adhesive feels tacky.

Wait till the glue/adhesive is dry and the faux-skin melts on your hairline. 

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Step 2

Tint Reusable Bald Cap™

Use the SkynCap concealer stick or your foundation of choice to tint the color of the faux-skin material so the bald cap matches your skin tone.

Wait till it dries before attaching your wig unit or styling.

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Step 3

Style As Desired

You can now use the bald cap to create your desired style.

E.g - install a lace front wig unit and watch it melt on your hairline.

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Disposable Cap
Reusable for the bald cap method
Saves cost of purchasing disposable caps
Waterproof and sweatproof
Eco-friendly materials to protect natural hair
Protects natural hair from tint/color stains
Uses a barrier to protect natural hair from glue/adhesives

More Information

What is the Reusable Bald Cap™?

The Reusable Bald Cap™ provides a seamless frontal bald appearance when using the bald cap method.

The bald cap is designed for sustainability by using bald cap materials and bamboo materials.

The bamboo material protects your natural hair from friction while the protective bald cap material is designed to look like scalp.

The high-quality cap is reusable, customisable and comfortable which empowers our customers to confidently create unique styles.

What is the lifespan for the Reusable Bald Cap™?

Generally, the bald cap, being crafted from durable materials such as bamboo fiber and a specialized faux-skin layer, is designed for extended use.

With regular care and appropriate handling, it can maintain its integrity and functionality for an extended period, potentially lasting several months to a year or more.

- Daily or frequent wear: The bald cap can last approximately 2-3 months once proper care guidelines are followed.

- Rarely used: Lifespan extends beyond 4 months, potentially reaching 6-12 months.

Top tip ~ If you want the bald cap to last longer, remove the glue/adhesive on the faux-skin material after use.

Make sure to do regular cleaning, following our guidelines for maintenance, avoiding harsh chemicals, proper storage when not in use, and gentle handling during application and removal can significantly contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the bald cap.

Substances to avoid:

- Lavender oil

- Acetone

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